Ebony Doughboys

World War I Re-Enactors

The Ebony Doughboys are WWI re-enactors that portray African American soldiers who fought under French command during the horrific First World War. The history of the African American soldier and their heroism during America's wars in a segregated army has largely been untold. Not only do we feel passionate about our portrayal of these heroes, but we also feel the obligation to inform the public about their accomplishments and contribution. Most members of our group are experienced living- historians and re-enactors portraying African American soldiers from other time periods. The Ebony Doughboys is affiliated with these other fine African American re-enacting organizations:

Civil War

6th USCT

3rd USCT

54th Mass Reenactors

WWII 5th Platoon

Revolutionary War: First Rhode Island Regiment of Foot




The Harlem Hell Fighters as seen on A&E.


The Ebony Doughboys were honored to participate in the
documentary "Henry Johnson a Tale of Courage"


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